Electric Vehicle Charging Station Needs Assessment Survey

The British Columbia Institute of Technology and the City of New Westminster are collaborating on a project to install public curbside Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations using streetlight infrastructure.

Not all areas in the city have the streetlight infrastructure required for this project, but we’d like to gather input from the public to determine what the demand is for EV charging stations in the City of New Westminster, and where the best location for them might be.

If you own an EV, or want to buy one, we definitely want to hear from you! Please complete this survey before October 30, 2017.

1. Do you own an Electric Vehicle?

2. Do you have the ability to install a charging station at your residence?

3. How easy is it (or would it be) to charge an EV near your:

Not easySomewhat easyVery easyUnsureNA

4. Would you like to see more electric vehicle charging stations available in the City of New Westminster?

5. What area of New Westminster do you live in?

6. Please provide your address or postal code.



7. What best describes your residence?

8. Do you currently park on the street overnight?

9. Where else in New Westminster would you like to see EV charging installed?

10. How long would you plan on charging your vehicle in a public charging station?

11. Would you be willing to pay a fee for use of the charging stations?

12. If in future there was a fee associated with the EV parking, what do you think is a fair price for the public to pay for use of a charging station ($/per hour)?

Thank you for taking our survey!