Thank you for participating in this survey. Your answers will help us understand your relationship with BCIT and how we can best serve your needs and interests. The survey should take about 10 minutes.

Your participation is voluntary, and your responses will be anonymous and confidential. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to enter a draw for your chance to win one of three $1000 pre-paid MasterCards. Again, thank you for investing your time to strengthen your Alumni Association. We look forward to hearing from you.
Leslie Courchesne
Executive Director, BCIT Alumni Association
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4. Do you have a degree, diploma, or credential from another post-secondary institution?

5. Current place of residence.

Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley
Other area within British Columbia

6. How satisfied are you overall with the experience you had as a student at BCIT?

7. How much do you feel...

A lotA fair bitOnly a littleNot at all

8. When was the last time you mentioned BCIT in a conversation (either verbal, written, or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)?

9. Various opportunities, programs, and services for BCIT alumni are listed below. In the first column, please check those you are aware of. In the second column, please check the ones you have ever used or participated in. [Check all that apply]

Aware or Heard ofUsed/Participated

10. BCIT Alumni affinity partner benefits provide a discounted service to BCIT alumni, and/or proceeds from each program are used to support student bursaries. How likely would you be to participate in the following alumni perks or benefit programs if they were offered?

Very LikelyLikelyUnlikelyVery Unlikely

11. How interested are you in...

Very InterestedInterestedSomewhat InterestedNot at all Interested